About K & D Diamonds

K&D is a highly respected manufacturer of diamonds located in New York City in the heart of the "Diamond District". Descended from generations of Diamond Manufacturers, our owners draw upon decades of experience in an industry for which they were trained virtually from birth. We have a well-developed sense not only of the industry and its latest fashion, but also of the historic role of diamonds as investment stones whose value is built to last for centuries. This is unparalleled experience goes into each K&D product.

But above all, a rare beauty and quality mark K&D Diamonds! Our master artisans are craftsmen of the old school whose work is carried out with a painstaking precision and exactness. Each piece that emerges from our state-of the-art workshops is an exquisite masterpiece of extraordinary quality, durability and art.

Our large inventory of more than 2,500 certified high end stones, ranging in size from a quarter carat to ten carats assures the consumer a wealth of choices in cut, shape, quality and size. The word "compromise" is not in our vocabulary. We do all in our power to make the stone of your dreams.

Our history of service and craftsmanship stands behind each gem. This record of excellent service, integrity and business ethics has built K&D into one of America’s outstanding and most highly trusted Diamond suppliers. You may be assured that it is not perfectly in line with what you have ordered, it will not leave out premises. Nothing is more important to us than our reputation. We sell stones with the confidence that we will be here tomorrow and the next day and we want all our consumers to be not only pleased, but also delighted with their purchases. For this reason we place our highest priority upon service. You never have to think twice. If there is a problem, we stand behind everything we sell and we aim to please.

Would you allow us to place our more than half century of experience and our more than 2,500 gems at your service?

Please call us at 877-869-0811. We look forward to hearing from you.